Summer Staff

Our summer staff is a vital part of our larger team that extends God’s ministry to over two thousand campers each summer! Their time serving with us, though only for a short while, has a lasting impact on people’s lives and the kingdom of God! All summer long, they get to live out our mission of transforming lives through adventurous Christ-centered experiences while building lasting friendships, creating enduring memories, and helping to strengthen the faith of campers, leaders, and fellow staff.

NLOMA Joint recruitment

Camp Lone Star is a partner camp of the National Lutheran Outdoors Ministry Association (NLOMA). This organization is made up of more than 25 LCMS camps across the country. We share a common application with the other NLOMA camps. This means that when you apply to work at Camp Lone Star, your application could also be seen by the other NLOMA camps. Don’t worry, if you put Camp Lone Star down as your first choice we get first dibs, but if you don’t wind up working here, you have the opportunity to work at many other places across the country!

You can explore the many different camps that make up NLOMA by going HERE. Who knows? God may be calling you to a new place this summer!

summer staff roles

Scripture tells us that God has uniquely gifted each one of us to serve as His hands and feet here on Earth! Regardless of the role you serve in, your work helps to make a kingdom impact! At Camp Lone Star, we get to live out our core value of teamwork by supporting and encouraging one another as we seek to share the Gospel of Jesus!

This summer, we hope to hire 50 college-aged summer staff. On your Summer Service Profile, you will be able to list your top three position choices, as well as any others you might be interested in. If you have any questions about the positions below, please reach out! Positions offered are:

• Program Coordinator (Alpha, Omega, Day Camp, Junior Staff, Speciality)
• Program Specialist
• Counselor
• Medic Coordinator
• Media Assistant
• Aquatics Coordinator
• Kitchen Assistant

application steps - apply today!

1. complete your summer service profile

Click here or follow the link at the bottom of the page. Here you’ll give us information about your background, interests for the summer in terms of your desired camp and roles, and answer a few questions about your faith life. Don’t worry – it doesn’t take too long to fill out; usually about 15 minutes.

The initial deadline for applications is February 13. While we may still accept applicants after this date, we make most of our hiring decisions in February.

2. wait to be contacted by your first choice camp

Expect for them to reach out with two weeks to set up an interview. While most interviews are done online to accommodate schedules and distance, in-person interviews are also an option! While you’re waiting, if any questions arise, feel free to reach out to your first choice camp and they will be happy to help!

3. Interview

Interviews usually last between 45-60 minutes. During this time, expect your interviewer to confirm your desired camp and role choices for the summer, in addition to asking you to share more about your faith and how God is preparing you for summer. 

4. wait patiently

This part can be hard, especially if you applied early on. While you wait for decisions to be made, pray that God would continue to strengthen and prepare you for whatever He has in store for you this summer! During this time, our team will be praying for you and seeking to place you in the best possible spot to help you use your gifts, proclaim the name of Jesus, and grow in your personal walk with God.

Selections are normally made towards the end of February and you should expect to be contacted by March 1. If you require an earlier hiring decision than March 1, please let us know.

5. Find your home for the summer

After hiring decisions have been made, you should hear from someone by March 1. If your first choice camp wants to offer you a position, they will reach out directly; but if they are unable to, another NLOMA camp may contact you to have further discussions. Either way, your contact will let you know of the role they would like you to serve in that summer and share any further details you need to know. 

Spend time in prayer, seeking God’s direction for your summer and how He wants to use you, and then let the camp know of your decision. If you have another job offer for summer, or you aren’t exactly sure what you should do yet, let us know – we are willing to work with you to allow you to fairly weigh all of your options.