Pioneer Camp

(Ages 8-18)
If you’re a Pastor, DCE, Youth Leader, or Teacher, you can bring a group of children/youth (minimum group of 5) to a regular camp session. They will be combined with other week-long campers and will participate in the regular camp schedule during the week but will be given a specific time to meet up with your youth each day to use that time as you see fit. This is a great way to have your youth group bond as a whole and see the ways God is changing their lives throughout the week.

Pioneer reservations are done as a group through the group leader. Individual summer camp registrations are not accepted for the Pioneer Camp program.

Cost: $500

There is no charge for the first adult leader. If you have more than ten campers and bring an additional adult leader, that person’s discounted fee is reduced by ten percent for each camper above the original ten campers who attend.


You have the option of meeting with the young people in your group for a designated one hour each evening period, Monday through Thursday. If you choose to use this time, the camp staff will not be involved with your youth during this period. You may decide to lead a Bible study, take a hike, play a game or use this time as you deem appropriate to connect with your group.

We encourage you to take this week as an opportunity it engage with your students during their daily activities; however, you are also welcome to use this week for personal growth and renewal. Click here to read FAQ for Leaders.


You and other Pioneer Group Leaders will stay in separate quarters with private bathrooms and linen service. Please bring your own towels for swimming and lakefront activities. Each week one room will be reserved for male leaders, and one for female leaders. Campers are not to be in the facility used by Pioneer Leaders.


The youth you bring to Pioneer Camp are integrated into regular cabin groups and supervised by college-aged counselors. The groups consist of no more than ten young people of the same gender and similar ages. Generally, no more than three or four individuals from the same congregation are likely to be placed in the same counselor group. Each group generally participates in typical camp activities, such as swimming, Bible study, canoeing, archery, challenge course, and campfire devotions.

The week concludes on Friday with the closing program at 10:45 am. Campers depart after the program. Click here for FAQ for Parents of campers.

A church group leader will initiate the registration process by reserving spaces with a deposit. All registration information must be at the camp a full two weeks before your camp session. Upon receiving registration form and deposit, the group leader will receive detailed instructions for completing their groups registration. The camp will bill the church for the final payment which is due two weeks before check-in.