Our team is the heart of the ministry; they are committed to building authentic relationships with campers and guests and creating experiences designed to bring people closer to Jesus. We are constantly seeking to grow our team to better live out our mission of transforming lives through adventurous Christ-centered experiences.

We look for individuals who are passionate about planting seeds of faith, cultivating Christian leaders, and growing the Kingdom of God. If that sounds like you, we would love for you to apply to join our team! We have several summer staff positions and year-round positions.


All current job openings are listed below. To apply, first review the job description and prayerfully consider God’s calling for you. Next, simply fill out the application and submit it along with your resume and a cover letter to employment@camplonestar.org

If there are no current openings, feel free to submit your resume and cover letter to us, and we will keep it on file.




Camp Lone Star is a partner camp of the National Lutheran Outdoors Ministry Association (NLOMA). This organization is made up of more than 25 LCMS camps across the country. We share a common application with the other NLOMA camps. This means that when you apply to work at Camp Lone Star, your application will also be seen by the other NLOMA camps. Don’t worry, we get first dibs, but if you don’t wind up working here, you have the opportunity to work at many other places across the country!

You can explore the many different camps that make up NLOMA by going HERE. Who knows? God may be calling you to a new place this summer!

How do I apply?

1. Fill out your Summer Service Profile by February 10th
2. Wait to be contacted by your first-choice camp to set up an interview (usually within 2 weeks).
3. Interview.
4. Wait patiently.
5. Find out by March 1st whether your first choice camp has offered you a position.

The initial deadline for applications is February 10th. While we may still accept applicants after this date, we make most of our hiring decisions in February.

If you require an earlier hiring decision then March 1st, please let us know. If you have another job offer for summer, we are willing to work with you to allow you to fairly weigh all your options.

What positions do you offer?

At Camp Lone Star, we hire 45 summer staff. On your Summer Service Profile, you will be able to list your top three position choices, as well as any others you might be interested in. Positions offered are:

• Program Coordinator
• Junior Staff Coordinator
• Day Camp Coordinator
• Medic Coordinator
• Media Assistant
• Aquatics Coordinator
• Program Specialist
• Counselor