Our Team

Executive Team

Joel Eisenbraun

Director of Ministry Operations
& Interim Chief Executive Officer

Administrative Team

Leah Wolf

Director of Administration

Alicia Jackson


Heidi Prince

Advancement & Marketing Coordinator

Hailey Angst

Guest Services Coordinator

Program Team

Ross Owens

Director of La Grange Programs

Michael Griedl

Director of Pines Programs

Cheyenne Rodriguez

Challenge Course Specialist

Phoebe Bergt

Community Ministry Specialist

Jesse Espinosa

Directed Events Specialist

Chase Allbritton

Program Specialist

Facilities Team

Philip Graf

Director of Facilities

Luis Sanchez

Facilities Associate

Brian Burton

Facilities Assistant

Daniel Curle

Facilities Assistant

Wesley Schuknecht

Facilities Assistant


Facilities Assistant

Fernando MEZA

Contracted Facilities

Sirley hurtado

Contracted Housekeeping

Food service team

mark simotas

Director of
Food Service - Pines

pete Bergt

Food Service Manager

Izzy herrera

Food Service Assistant

jaxson jones

Food Service Assistant

hannah sanchez

Food Service Assistant